Blasting and Drilling Services

Blasting Pre-shear with M4

Loading blastingWith over 22 years of experience, our technicians have the skills and knowledge to ensure safe, accurate blasting.

We offer a large range of blasting techniques including:

  • Large Quarry Blasting – for road building aggregates
  • Construction Blasting – got a bluff in the way? No problem.
  • Landscape Blasting – Carefully controlled blasts for removal of small rock
  • Trenching – Sometimes it’s the only way to provide access on these rocky islands
  • Pre-shear – We blast straight cracks to prevent loose rock

For large shots, a 20 ton drill rig is moved in to drill the pattern, depths can be up to 36 feet deep.

Smaller shots are drilled with a hand operated drill and can be carefully controlled for the desired effect. Rough stairs are possible if the rock is consistently solid.