Property Development

We specialize in remote access development in the Discovery Islands, primarily Quadra Island.

general contracting for property development

Why choose Landtec to manage your project?

We believe the first and most important step is to fully understand the clients vision. Interpreting your vision, goals and needs is imperative to a successful plan.

By managing the complete project for you we can offer you a more competitive price than you’d be able to achieve on your own, through our group buying power. We offer suggestions and guide you through the options and budget considerations, if needed.

Specialized in Remote Access Development

Water access only properties

The Discovery Islands have a wide variety of beautiful acreages which are only accessible by water and we specialize in developing these properties. From the initial land clearing straight off the barge ramp, until the day you move in to your dream home, we will see your project through.

  • An equipment barge is used to transport equipment, fuel and building supplies to the property.
  • A crew boat or float plane is used to transport workers in and out unless camp facilities are available.
  • Due to the expense of transport, co-ordination of the trades is imperative to an economical project completion. On site quarrying and gravel crushing drastically reduce barge costs.

Inland Properties

With the steep rocky terrain of the Discovery Islands, some of the most beautiful building sites are at the top of the bluff. With careful route planning and precise blasting it is possible to drive almost anywhere.

  • Building foundations and basements may be blasted down into the rock.
  • Sewer water and power installations.

Excavating Services

Landtec offers excavating services and have a variety of excavating equipment, no job is too big or small – from forest to foundation, we do it all. Please see our excavating services page for details.

We will rock youTrucking

Landtec offers trucking of sand, gravel, and rock deliveries, landscape stone, top soil and fill.

Aggregate development

For larger projects, road building gravel and rock can often be made on site. Great savings are possible this way as rock can usually be blasted and crushed for less money than by purchasing it. You also save money on the cost of trucking in gravel from a quarry to the job site so the savings can be significant. Please see our gravel and aggregate information for details.